261631059574135639 kGPW9F5b c - Quick Unwrap Menu

I really like this folded paper style menu. It’s clean and has great bold icons. Designer: Adis Source: Dribbble

Quick Unwrap Menu

shot - Social Media Profile

This is a great social media widget with a good use of colours and a great layout. Designer: Edin Vejzović Source: http://dribbble.com/shots/839176-Dribbble-mini-UI-rebound?list=popular&offset=165

Social Media Profile

123 - Yes/No Switch

This is a great yes/no switch with just the right amount of colour and use of icons. Designer: Delacro Source: Dribbble

Yes/No Switch

36521446949411515 ApjaQ5rk c 500x375 - iPhone Stats App

The graphs in this app use just the right amount of colour and are very clear and well laid out. Designer: Johan Marie Source: Dribbble

iPhone Stats App

261631059574145309 vb55VnIr c 500x257 - OS X Loading bar

Who says that a progress bar needs to be one colour? The contrast between the dark dialog and the bright progress bar really makes it stand out. Designer: Alexandre Naud Source: 365 PSD

OS X Loading bar

159314905540067650 AORyUw2v c 500x375 - Project Health Progress Ring

I love the use of colour in these progress rings as well as the nice layout. Designer: Rasmus Henriksen Source: Dribbble

Project Health Progress Ring

upload button - Cloud Upload Button

This is a really fun upload button which has been elegantly designed. Designer: Roman Bulah Source: Dribbble

Cloud Upload Button

user login - User login

A very simple login form which has good padding and a clean use of colours. Designer: Dimas Source: Dribbble

User login

27373510207060726 iu4bZ61e c 500x375 - Photos folder icon

I really like this folder icon, it has a great modern look and would be great as an app or desktop icon. Designer: Asif Aleem Source: Dribbble

Photos folder icon

142285669449065072 wBBIHZ1B c 500x286 - Sleek UI Elements

A clean no-nonsense UI with a good colour palette. Designer: Matthew Daniels Source: Design Kindle

Sleek UI Elements