dashboard ui kit

If you hadn’t guessed I love dashboards. This dark dashboard from UI Chest is fantastic and actually comes as a full UI Kit which you can download from Creative Market.

Grade UI Kit Dashboard by UI Chest

2c1a47d6ff855f8e8eec7b3fd6680f2c 500x400 - Uniq Concept by Café Artes Visuais

This design is a good example of responsive web design. This example shows that images and content often need to be repositioned when displayed on a tablet or mobile device. Designer: Café Artes Visuais Source: Behance

Uniq Concept by Café Artes Visuais

Payment Dashboard

I am big fan of dashboards especially payments dashboards and other financial reporting dashboards. If only the banks could design a dashboard that looks this good!

Payment Dashboard Design

624120697555f740de7f157a15b101b0 500x1360 - Tout App - your year in emails

It’s graphs galore for this dashboard web page. They have managed present a lot of information clearly which looks great. Designer: Erin Nolan Source: Dribbble

Tout App – your year in emails

ffdb79caf0e4e69a4765d283addc95ff 500x375 - Analytic graph

I am a big fan of well designed graphs and this design for an analytics application is a great example. Designer: M-leg Source: Dribbble

Analytic graph

69f2f3f6af302c2e89b47ffbb4bb4f98 500x375 - Responsive Menu

This is a great example of responsive design for different devices. I like the subtle use of colours and the drag and drop icons.

Responsive Menu

46fc74b06b034d47c8ec5dbf81e7e7ec 500x646 - Outlook Email Sidebar

I love the fonts, colours and layouts for this outlook mockup. If only more email clients looked this good. Designer: Frantisek Kusovsky Source: Dribbble  

Outlook Email Sidebar

616ede1a7e25a1fca030095da0b5c802 - Flat Settings UI

Flat is the new design trend for 2013 and this is a great example. The text and buttons are clear and it looks like it would be easy to use on a touchscreen Designer: Jakub Antalík Source: Dribbble

Flat Settings UI

progress bars - Glowing progress bars

These progress bars really stand out against the dark background and would look great for video game stats. Designer: Maciek Butscher Source: Dribbble

Glowing progress bars

830354b305875424bea9ae33723f4d6e 500x375 - Covert - Stealthy Communication

I love the minimal colour palette used on this app. The dark UI gives the impression you are using an app designed for secret agents. I think Covert is going to be a big hit when it gets released. Designer: CreativeDash Source: Dribbble

Covert – Stealthy Communication