car ui

The UI in cars is generally quite boring. I know it needs to be simple but it should also be a pleasure to use. Tesla are paving the way with new UI concepts but I really what Matt has done in this UI concept. Check out the link below for[…]

Car UI by Matt Haeuskrenn

managetopics11 500x750 - Summly

This is example shows that even simple menus can produce a striking navigation design. Designer: Robin Raszka Source: Dribbble


69f2f3f6af302c2e89b47ffbb4bb4f98 500x375 - Responsive Menu

This is a great example of responsive design for different devices. I like the subtle use of colours and the drag and drop icons.

Responsive Menu

616ede1a7e25a1fca030095da0b5c802 - Flat Settings UI

Flat is the new design trend for 2013 and this is a great example. The text and buttons are clear and it looks like it would be easy to use on a touchscreen Designer: Jakub Antalík Source: Dribbble

Flat Settings UI

261631059574135639 kGPW9F5b c - Quick Unwrap Menu

I really like this folded paper style menu. It’s clean and has great bold icons. Designer: Adis Source: Dribbble

Quick Unwrap Menu

dfsfgsdfg1 - Map UI

  This combination of Google maps and clean icons provide an excellent user experience.

Map UI