progress bars - Glowing progress bars

These progress bars really stand out against the dark background and would look great for video game stats. Designer: Maciek Butscher Source: Dribbble

Glowing progress bars

261631059574145309 vb55VnIr c 500x257 - OS X Loading bar

Who says that a progress bar needs to be one colour? The contrast between the dark dialog and the bright progress bar really makes it stand out. Designer: Alexandre Naud Source: 365 PSD

OS X Loading bar

159314905540067650 AORyUw2v c 500x375 - Project Health Progress Ring

I love the use of colour in these progress rings as well as the nice layout. Designer: Rasmus Henriksen Source: Dribbble

Project Health Progress Ring

modern clean progress bar 500x254 - Clean Progress Bar

This is a nice example of a clean progress bar. The colours used work really well together and the embossed effect is a good touch. Designer: Vova Devyatkin Source: Dribbble

Clean Progress Bar