toggle switch user interface elements 500x254 - Clean Toggle Switch

This is a very clean example of a toggle switch with nice icons. Designer: Jason Long Source: Dribbble

Clean Toggle Switch

metal progress slider and display ui design 500x254 - Slider with gradient colour

This is a really nice slider design with gradient colour which emphasises the progress. Designer: Ilja Miskov Source: Dribbble

Slider with gradient colour

sliders free psd 500x424 - Clean slider

Excellent example of a clean slider design. There is also a free PSD available too. Designer: Maki Myers Source: MakiMyers

Clean slider

colourful ui slider free psd 500x381 - Colourful Slider

This is an excellent example of slider design with an amazing colour palette. Designer: Liam McCabe Source: PixelsDaily

Colourful Slider

planties sign up form design 500x429 - Planties Subscription Form

The bold green goes well with the dark form producing a great clean design. Designer: Matej Hrescak Source: Dribbble

Planties Subscription Form

simple clean twitter button ui design 500x254 - Blue Twitter Button

This shows buttons that are bright and bold can stand out on a dark background. Designer: Ryan Johnson Source: Dribbble

Blue Twitter Button

power button ui design free psd 500x254 - Power Button

This power button shows how lighting and can be used to give the button a 3D look that beckons to be pushed. Designer: Pontus Johansson Source: Dribbble

Power Button

play button loader user interface design element 500x254 - Play Button

This is a great example of dark ui elements done correctly. Designer: Lukas Majzlan Source: Dribbble

Play Button

dfsfgsdfg1 - Map UI

  This combination of Google maps and clean icons provide an excellent user experience.

Map UI